Witch Hazel for Acne – What You Really Need to Know

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We have just released our latest report on the benefits of Witch Hazel and its effects on acne and other skin conditions. You can read more about our top acne treatment here. Reading this News and Media report will help you get a better understanding about witch hazel and all its benefits.

Witch hazel is a herb that grows in North America, China and parts of Japan. It has been used for treatment of different diseases and most of them being skin diseases. One of the skin diseases this natural herb is famous for is acne cure. This is because its twigs, leaves and the bark contain catechol tannin which is an active astringent for cleansing of the skin.

These astringent properties have actually been very vital in treatment of acne. Since it is used naturally, witch hazel is quickly absorbed by the skin. This ensures that an immediate impact is felt whenever it’s applied on the skin. The following is a breakdown as for why witch hazel is used for acne treatment.

1 Anti-irritant

Unlike other commercial products that treat acne but leave the users with more problems than acne, witch hazel clears acne completely without having any side effects on the skin. This is because it is used naturally without any chemicals that could cause kin burn, skin rashes and bruises. It is therefore one of the best natural acne eradicators in the modern world. Forget the side effects of acne medications by using this amazing natural acne cure.

2 Cleans And Refreshes Naturally

Since it is used in its natural form, the astringents work perfectly by cleansing the skin pores that are clogged with dry sebum and oils. By doing so, acne lifespan on the skin becomes a number of days. The cleansing action involves reducing the excess sebum secretion from the sebaceous glands, removing dead cells on the skin, and acne bacteria eradication. After the acne causing bacteria is eradicated, witch hazel embarks on refreshing and restoring the natural skin color, texture and tone. This leaves the skin feeling naturally refreshed and more resistant to acne bacteria.

3 Anti-inflammatory Characteristic

It is a natural anti-inflammatory herb that fights acne through depressing the redness, swelling and itching associated with acne. The astringent properties play a very crucial role towards the accomplishment of the inflammatory element. It also contains antiseptic effects which help to stop the growth of acne causing bacteria. Since reduction of redness, swelling and itching of acne is where the acne healing begins. Thus, this natural herb is one of the acne healers because of these astringent properties.

4 Leaves The Skin Moisturized

Unlike other acne treatments that leave the skin dry after the healing of acne, witch hazel heals acne tightens the skin pores and controls the secretion of sebum without leaving the skin dry. This has made it very useful among many users since dry skin has negative effects on its own. In addition to this, it opens the pores to allow easy flow of sebum which nourishes the skin leaving it naturally moisturized.

5 Inexpensive

Witch hazel for acne is one of the best acne treatments despite its low cost. Other acne treatments that are advertised all over different platforms are very expensive with little acne eradication power. This is not the case with witch hazel. No matter how cheap it may be, it leaves no chance for the survival of acne bacteria and therefore limiting the probability of acne recurrence once it is cleared.

6 Heals All Acne Regardless Of The Causative Agent

Acne can be caused by different agents. They include bacteria, excess sebum secretion, blood toxins or family background. On the other hand, acne mostly affects the face or at the back. Other products have been found effective in healing only one type of acne or a specific part of the body that has been affected. On the contrary, witch hazel is one of the few acne eradicators that ensures that acne is healed regardless of how it was caused or which part of the body is affected. This means that all acne sufferers have a relief at their disposal irrespective of what caused it or which part of the body is affected.

7 Works On Different Types Of Skin

People have different types of skins; oily and non-oily. Witch hazel for acne has been found effective in eradicating acne on both skin types. This is a major relief to many people who have been affected by acne because there is no need to determine the skin type so as to be prescribed a certain type of medicine effective for your skin.